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Production structure

Production Structure

Italian Games Factory’s experience is founded on four pillars

Video games

Thanks to IV Productions’ thirty years of experience and iMasterArt’s industrial production expertise, the products are developed according to commercial standards of high quality, entertainment, gameplay and end user engagement.

The creation of video games encompasses all platforms (PC, console, mobile, on line) and all product categories (platform, serious, adventure, action, simulator, strategic, casual, etc.)

  •   Visual effects
  •   On line
  •   Specific hardware use
  •   Creation of specific hardware (e.g. Zanardi driving simulator, former F1 champion)

Alongside video game entertainment, we are particularly focused on  scientific, social and cultural issues.
This enables us to gain direct experience of working with schools and public administration, while collaborating with experts in the fields of psychology and pedagogy.


Italian Games Factory has a wide-ranging audience.

Over the years, the company’s topics of interest have led it to specialize in the development of apps and video games that are accessible for the blind, visually impaired, dyslexic and people with motor and cognitive disabilities, custom-designing every detail through collaborations with experts and institutions.

Accessibility also means a level of difficulty and interactivity calibrated not only for an audience of video gamers, but also for mobile e online users.

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